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Why AMT?

There are a lot of suppliers for you to choose for your motion control products, at various quality and costs. After considering the following critical factors, you may find that American Motion Technology, LLC should be one of the most desirable suppliers that you or your company can trust and work with.

Reason 1Superior Product Quality

All products offered by American Motion Technologies, LLC are at industrial quality level and have been implemented in tens of industries by thousands of OEM clients all over the world.
Based on the latest control technology, they are made of high quality materials in strictly controlled quality control process. They have proven records to be successfully implemented in high volume OEM applications. Many of them are certified with CE, TUV, and UL/CUL.

Reason 2Affordable Costs

We know that cost is a very important factor that any one will take into consideration. With quality strictly controlled, we buy products in high volume, all directly from their original manufacturers, to get costs down as much as possible. We pass the cost saving to our buyers, without further distribution channel add-on. Compared with similar products on the market, you will find that you can easily save 30-50% of your costs over our competitors.

Reason 3Wide Product Choices

American Motion Technology, LLC is dedicated to offering quality motion control products or related products only. We are one of the suppliers providing most complete motion control product lines. We offer complete solutions for almost all frame size stepper motors, DSP-based and analog open-loop stepper drives, easy servo drives(closed-loop stepper drives), Integrated stepper motors (open-loop and closed loop), BLDC servo drives & motors, brushless AC servo motors & drives, integrated servo motors, power supplies...

Reason 4Easy and Safe Shopping Online

Our website was professionally designed and developed to make your online shopping as easy as possible. All technical documents, specifications, manuals, software..., are available from our website. You can browse products, add them to your shopping cart, and pay directly online.
Your personal, credit card, and transaction information are securely stored and protected by SSL protection with encryption, and 100% complaint with information industrial standards. Without your agreement, your account information will never be shared with any of our partners or third party companies
You can manage your account, tracking your shipment, manage your email subscription...

Reason 5Fast Shipping

Most motion control distributors collect orders online or by purchase orders, then forward them to product manufacturers / distributors for drop shipping. This process usually takes may days to weeks before your shipment can get shipped out.

But for American Motion Technology, LLC, we stock all products in our own warehouse, and will usually ship out an order in one to two business days (mostly in less than 24 hours). Besides, We can also expedite your shipping services, via major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Stock information published on AMT website is pretty accurate, because we update our our data on a daily base.  Once an order is received, we will process it right away, and your package(s) will be shipped out mostly in one business day.

Reason 6Reliable Technical Support and Customer Services

For any products sold from AMT website, AMT will provide technical support directly from its USA-based office. Our highly experienced application engineers will assist to answer any of your technical questions mostly on the same day, directly from our office in United States.
Other customer services such as product warranty, product returns & repairing are also provided from USA.

Reason 7Guaranteed Product Warranty

All products sold by American Motion Technology, LLC come with 12-month warranty. We will provide product repairing or replacement services directly from our USA offices, to anywhere around the world!

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