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Leadshine Brush Servo Drives & Motors

AMT offers brush servo drives, motors, and drive/motor sets from the global stepper/servo leader manufacturer, Leadshine Technology, Inc. Those brushed servo drives and motors are made of high quality materials and have been adopted in thousands of industrial applications around the world.

Leadshine brushed servo drives are based on advances DSP (Digital Signal Processor) servo control algorithms. They  are capable of driving brushed servo motors from 25-400W.

Matching industrial quality brushed servo motors are also available at your choices of 50W, 71W, and 120W. Those brushed servo motors are integrated with 2,000 PPR (500-line) or 4,000 (1,000-line) encocers. Installation frame size are available in 50mm and standard NEMA 23. When driven by Leadshine brushed servo drives, those servo motors can move smoothly in high precision (accuracy to 1 pulse) with low motor heating and extra low noise.

AMT also offers brushed motor and drive sets. They are available in 71W and 120W including drives and motors with encoders, in installation frame sizes of 50 mm or NEMA 23.
Brush DC Servo Motors

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  • Reliable industrial quality
  • Available power in 50W, 80W, and 120W
  • Integrated 1,000-line (500-line optional) differential-ended encoders
  • High precision; low motor heating; smooth movements;
  • Standard 50 mm installation frame sizes; NEMA 23 optional
Brushed Servo Drives

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  • Industrial quality
  • Input voltage of 18-80 VDC
  • Continuous current up to 10A
  • 1/255 - 255 electrical gear ratio
  • Built-in motion controller for self-test with trapezoidal velocity profile
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