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Leadshine Brushless Servo products

AMT offers a full product line of high quality and low-cost brushless servo products from Leadshine technology, Inc.  These products are available in integrated servo motors, brushless AC or DC servo motors & drive, brushed DC servo motors & drives. We also offer matched motor & drive sets of 50W-1KW.
Brushless Servo Motors

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  • Reliable industrial quality
  • 1,000 or 2,500 line encoders
  • 200w-1kw power 60mm & 80mm frame high voltage AC servo motors
  • 100-400w power 60mm frame low VDC voltage AC servo motors
  • 25-180w power NEMA 23 brushless DC servo motors
  • High precision; low motor heating; smooth movements
Brushless Servo Drives

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  • Industrial quality
  • 220/230 VAC input, or low voltage VDC input
  • Powering 25-1.5KW AC servo motors or brushlss DC servo motors
  • Advanced control algorithm for excellent performance
  • Controls of step & direction, or ±10 VDC
  • Position, velocity, and torque control modes
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