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Leadshine AC Servo Motors (High Voltage)

AMT offers high voltage input (220/230 VAC) brushless servo motors, the EL5-M series,  from Leadshine Technology. Those motors are currently available in the power of 200W - 1KW at the frame sizes of 60/80 mm.

Those Leadshine EL5-M series AC servo motors are featured with high precision, excellent torque, quick response time, fast acceleration, low vibration, quick positioning time, and compact sizes. Standard models are integrated 2,500-line incremental encoders (A/B/I channels).  They are designed to be powered by Leadshine EL5-D series high voltage brushless servo drives, or brushless servo drives from other manufacturers. For OEM clients, a wide variety of options are available for customization to meet your application needs - encoders (1,000-line or 17-bit), brakes, shafts, connectors, etc.
Advanced Technology

Industry leading 10-pole design to offer best performance comparable to servo motors from market leaders like Yaskawa, Sanyo Dennki, Simmons...
Excellent Performance

Industrial-grade quality for high precision, excellent acceleration ability, compact size, and smooth motion in all speed range.
High Torque Density & Overloading Ability

Much higher torque density than most of the AC brushless servo motors available on the market.  One of the best in its class with highest torque overloading ability

Compact size with high torque density allows easy installation in tight space, and working excellence with third party servo amplifiers such as Elmo, AMC, Kollmorgen...
High Reliability

Proven records of excellence and high reliability by hundreds of OEM clients in the world. Industrial leading warranty.
Best Prices

The most cost effective high performance servo motors available on the market. High volume OEM customers will be offered significant discounts.
Frame Size:
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 ModelFrame SizeRated
(Nm / lb-in)
(Nm / lb-in)
1 / 5 Pc. Price
EL5-M0200 EL5-M020060 mm2000.64 / 5.662.2 / 19.5220 VAC4000600025003.78$269.00 / $256.00
EL5-M0400 EL5-M040060 mm4001.27 / 11.244.8 / 42.48220 VAC4000600025004.75$299.00 / $284.00
EL5-M0750 EL5-M075080 mm7502.4 / 21.247.2 / 63.72220 VAC3000400025005.57$379.00 / $360.00
EL5-M1000 EL5-M100080 mm10003.2 / 28.329.6 / 84.96220 VAC3000400025006.16$429.00 / $407.00
EL5-M1500 EL5-M1500130 mm15006 / 53.118 / 159.3220 VAC2500300025007.05$529.00 / $498.00
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