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Leadshine Easy Servo Drives (Closed Loop Stepper Drives)

AMT (American Motion Technology, LLC ) offers easy servo drives, or closed-loop stepper drives, from global leader servo/stepper manufacturer, Leadshine Technology, Inc.

Based on advanced DSP (digital signal processor) control technology, those easy servo drives can monitor driven motor shaft positions real-time from encoder feedback of driven easy servo motors (stepper motors with encoders), same mechanism used in those expensive brushless  AC servo drives. Therefore, they will offer true closed-loop performance to synchronize motor movement positions, eliminate stall or lose of steps commonly seen in open-loop stepper motors.

Leadshine easy servo drives have naturally inherited advantages from both stepper systems and brushless servo drives such as high torque, close-loop real time, load-based output current, no tuning, no overshooting, zero settling time, high stiffness, very cost effective... Click here to read the details.
Closed-Loop Servo Control

Leadshine ES easy servo drives adopt the latest DSP control algorithm and offer closed-loop servo control. By taking real-time motor shaft position from motor encoder, an easy servo drive can make position error correction and eliminate loss of step.
Simple Control & Easy Setup

Leadshine easy servo drives take simple step and direction command and are easy to implement in OEM applications. Their setup is easy by just like stepper drives, without the tens parameter setting like normal brushless servo drives.
Excellent Performance

When combined with easy servo motors, easy servo systems offers excellent performance of no loss of step, huge torque, extra low motor heating, low noise, quick response & acceleration, now hunting, no overshooting.
Broad Application Range

Ideal to upgrade machines or applications where open-loop stepper systems are adopted, or to replace step/direction type brushless servo systems. The high voltage input models can also drive standard 2 or 3 phase stepper motors.
Gret Prices

For a fraction of the prices traditional brushless servo drive, easy servo drives can offer servo performance to significant reduce the costs of your machines without sacrifice your system performance
High reliability

Proven successful implementation records by hundreds of OEM clients with extremely low failure rate. Industrial leading 36-month warranty is offered for proper use.
Direct 120 / 230 VAC Easy Servo Drives

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Direct 110 /120 or 220 / 230 VAC input easy servo drives capable of driving NEMA 34 and 42  easy servo motors for closed loop control. Featured with no loss of motor synchronization (closed position loop), no loss of steps, no torque reservation, high torque, no hunting, no overshooting, no power supply needed, and no tuning for most applications.
DC Input Easy Servo Drives

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Leadshine easy servo drives taking max 100 VDC or 80 VAC input voltage and capable of powering NEMA 23 and 34  easy servo motors for closed loop controls. Featured with no loss of motor synchronization (closed position loop), no loss of steps, no torque reservation, high torque, no hunting, no overshooting, and no tuning for almost all applications.
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