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Easy Servo Products (Closed Loop Steppers)

Leadshine Easy Servo/Closed Loop Stepper Products
  • Step & direction, or CW/CCW control
  • Stepper based servo control
  • Fully closed position loop
  • Never stall or lose of steps
  • Always 100% implementation of available torque
  • Load-based output current from servo drive to motor
  • High starting torque and quick response
  • No overshooting and zero settling time
  • Extra low motor heating, smooth motor movement
  • No tuning for plug & play
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OverviewMain Features
By adopting high resolution encoders, Leadshine ES series easy servo systems apply servo controls on traditional steppers. It was uniquely designed to take the advantages from both traditional brushless servo systems and conventional stepper systems. While inheriting the features of high starting and high stiffness from stepper systems, position loops between easy servo motors and drives are fully closed in real time. Therefore, loss of movement synchronization is totally eliminated. Compared with brushless servo systems, Leadshine easy servo have advantages in much higher low-to-middle speed torque, much lower cost, quicker response, zero setting time, no tuning...     
Easy Servo Motors

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  • NEMA 23 to 42 frame size
  • Holding torque of 128 - 2,832 oz-in (0.9 to 20 N.m)
  • Integrated 1,000-line encoders, higher resolution optional
  • High precision
  • Extra low motor heating
  • Smooth motor movement
  • Widely implemented in OEM applications
Easy Servo Drives

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  • Stepper based servo control
  • Step & direction or CW/CCW control
  • Closed position loop for servo control without lose of steps
  • No torque reservation for driven motors
  • Max 100VDC/80VAC, or direct 120/230 VAC input
  • Load-based output current for much lower motor heating
  • Smooth and quiet motor movement
  • Quick response time and zero settling time
  • No hunting and no overshooting when compared servo systems
  • Much lower motor/drive heating than open-loop stepper systems
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