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Leadshine Integrated Servo Motors (Servo Motor + Drive)

AMT offers integrated brushless DC servo motors designed and manufactured by Leadshine Technology Ltd.

A Leadshine iSV series integrated brushless servo motor is a compact unit with a brushless DC motor, an encoder and a high performance servo drive.  It eliminates the power and encoder cable wiring in normal discrete servo systems to save time, lower labor cost, save installation space, and increase product reliability. Those integrated servo motors are in NEMA 23 frame size with 4000 CPR encoders. The largest one can output up to 85 oz-in (0.6 N.m) continuous torque at the rated speed of 3,000 RPM, and 212 oz-in (1.5 N.m) maximum torque at the peak speed of 4,000 RPM. The high performance servo drive are DSP based adopting Leadshine’s advanced control algorithm which can drive the motor at high precision smoothly for quiet and smooth movement. All of those integrated servo motors are equipped with the general outputs of "fault" and “in position”. By taking step and direction control, those integrated servo motors are easy to adopt for many OEM applications.
All-In-One Design

At compact size, a Leadshine iSV series motor integrated a brushless DC servo motor, a rotary encoder, and a high performance digital stepper drive.
High Performance

Based on the advanced DSP control algorithm, a iSV series integrated servo motor offers fast, quiet, smooth, and precise motor movement.

Replacing discrete brush/brushless DC servo systems, or upgrade open-loop stepper systems. In addition, also ideal for replacing brushless DC motors for speed control, with much better performance in all speed range
Super Easy Installation

With everything integrated together, iSV series integrated servo motors eliminate time and cost the wiring of problem prone motor and encoder cables. With connection of a simple power and a signal cable, an integrated motor is already setup!
High Reliability

iSV series integrated servo motors are highly reliable and have proven records of excellence in many industrial OEM applications. All iSV integrated servo motors are offered for 36-month manufacturer warranty.
Great Prices

Starting at the single unit price of $239 for a 90W NEMA 23 frame integrated servo motor, the iSV series is the most cost-effective in the class on the market. High volume OEM clients get additional discounts.
Easy to Purchase and Quick Delivery

For small quantity sample purchase, a user can buy online from our website directly without the hassle to make a phone call, submit a PO... Due to the high sales volume, we almost always have those integrated servo motors in stock from our warehouse in USA.
Professional Technical Assistance

In the case of technical assistance needed, support is available through emails or phone calls from Leadshine America, Inc. or Leadshine headquarters  for almost 24 X 7. For high volume OEM industrial applications, our experienced application engineers can even provide field support.
 ModelNema SizeControl
Rated Volage
Continous Torque
(Nm / Oz-In)
Peak Torque
(Nm / Oz-In)
Encoder Resolution
1 / 5 Pc.
iSV-B23090 iSV-B2309023Step & Dir.360.30 / 430.90 / 128300040004.251000$239.00 / $229.00
iSV-B23130 iSV-B2313023Step & Dir.360.45 / 621.10 / 156300040005.041000$259.00 / $249.00
iSV-B23180 iSV-B2318023Step & Dir.360.60 / 851.50 / 212300040005.831000$279.00 / $269.00
iSV-B23090-01 iSV-B23090-0123Step & Dir.360.30 / 430.90 / 128300040004.251000$239.00 / $229.00
iSV-B23130-01 iSV-B23130-0123Step & Dir.360.45 / 621.10 / 156300040005.041000$259.00 / $249.00
iSV-B23180-01 iSV-B23180-0123Step & Dir.360.60 / 851.50 / 212300040005.831000$279.00 / $269.00
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