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Stepper Motor Drives

AMT offers stepper motor drives from the global leader of stepper and servo systems, Leadshine Technology, Inc. Those stepper motor drives are available for your choices of 2-phase or 3-phase, digital or analog, or VDC input or direct 120/230 VAC input. Those stepper drives/controllers are at industrial quality and have been implemented in thousands of OEM clients around the world.
Multi-Axis Stepper Motor Drives

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  • Control 3 or 4 stepper motors
  • Advanced stepper motor control on DSP technology
  • 20-60 VDC voltage
  • 6.0A max output current per axis
  • Built-in breakout board
  • Anti resonance for extra low heating
  • High precision and smooth motor movement
  • Control stepper motors up to NEMA 34
Advanced DSP Stepper Drives

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  • Advanced DSP-based current control algorithm
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • Input voltage of 18-80 VDC
  • Output current of 0.5- 8.2 A. DIP switches & software configurable
  • Anti resonance
  • Extra low motor heating, noise, and vibration
  • Capable of driving NEMA 2-phase 17, 23, 24, 34, and 42 stepper motors
Digital Stepper Drives

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  • Sophisticated stepper control on latest DSP technology
  • 2-phase and 3-phase
  • Input voltage of 18 - 80 VDC or direct 120/230 VAC input
  • Output current of 0.1 - 8.3A
  • Anti-resonance
  • Extra low motor heating & noise
Classic Analog Stepper Drives

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  • Reliable industrial quality stepper drives
  • 2-phase or 3-phase
  • wide choices of DC input voltages up to 110, or up to 80 VAC input
  • Output current of 0.21 - 8.3A
  • Competitive prices
  • 3-state pure sinusoidal current control
  • low-speed and middle-speed anti-resonance
Stepper Drives With Oscillators

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  • Step & direction mode for position control
  • 0-5 VDC analog mode for speed control
  • Power 2-phase stepper motors of NEMA 17, 23, 34, and 42
  • Up to 80 VDC voltage
  • Output current up to 7.0A
  • Anti resonance
  • Extra low motor noise and motor heating
Stepper Drive Modules

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  • Advanced DSP control algorithm
  • Up to 60 VDC input voltage
  • Output current up to 6.0A
  • Anti resonance
  • low motor heating/noise, smooth movement
  • Drive stepper motors in NEMA 17 to 34.
  • Compact size
  • Automatic idle current deduction
Economic Stepper Drives

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Quality Leadshine stepper drives for excellent performance at excellent prices. 20-100 supply voltage. output current up to 7.2A. Powering NEMA 17, 23, 24, 34, and 42 stepper motors.
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