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Leadshine Stepper Drive Modules

AMT offers PCB-level stepper drive modules designed and manufactured by the largest stepper drive supplier, Leadshine Technology Ltd. Those stepper drive modules are designed for easy implementation for higher volume OEM clients to build customer version stepper drives, or integrate with their own control systems. They can also used to replace stepper drive modules in Leadshine 3 and 4 axis stepper drives.

After providing DC power, those Leadshine stepper drive modules can function as a high performance digital stepper drives to power 2 phase stepper motors of frame size NEMA 17, 23, 24, and 34. Based on advance DSP control technology, Leadshine stepper drive modules are featured with high precision, extra low motor heating & noise, smooth motor, anti resonance, automatic idle current reduction.

 ModelControl ModePhaseVoltage
Output Current Range
Resolution1 / 5 Pc. Price
SDM660 SDM660Step & Direction220 - 60 VDC1.45 - 6.00200-12,800$79.00 / $74.00
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